The most trusted Parasail in Hampton Beach

Why we are the best Parasailing experience on Hampton Beach

  • Hampton Beach Parasail owns and operates the ONLY Coast Guard Inspected parasail boat on Hampton Beach and employ only the most qualified, experienced captains, read our “Qualifications“.
  • Hampton Beach Parasail offers the most options – 6 Styles to choose from (listed to the right), Fly Tandem, or Triple! Our 2 and 3 person rides fly side by side (not front and back) for maximum view, comfort and safety.
  • Hampton Beach Parasail is the ONLY Parasail and Stand-up Paddle Board company on Hampton Beach that offers a “Fun Guarantee.” Our “The best day of your vacation” slogan isn’t just clever marketing, we mean it. If flying or riding with Hampton Beach Parasail isn’t the most memorable experience of your whole vacation you don’t have to pay! More in the “My Promise” section.
  • We love larger groups!  Hampton Beach Parasail offers the only boat in New England that can take six or more people on the ocean at once!
  • We have real time satellite weather on board as well as a satellite safety tracking system.
  • Your safety (and ours) is our utmost concern. Hampton Beach Parasail completely refits our boats every two years (or 4 months of use) with new motors, electronics, hydraulics, out drives and everything else needed to parasail.  This ensures our equipment is the very best, most current and reliable.  We do this for your safety.
The price to parasail is $89 per person.  High rides command premium pricing.  Rides are 8-12 minutes long.  We are not the least expensive parasailing company on East Coast, but we truly believe we are the best at what we do.  Our commitment to safety and to carrying the very best equipment makes our expenses significantly higher and that means our price point is slightly higher than our competition.  I hope you agree that your family deserves the very best, even if it costs a little more, especially when it comes to something like parasailing.